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Check out the latest articles on making your life more fun with Excel VBA!

Excel VBA Userform Scrollbar Change By 10 Even When Dragging!

Excel VBA Scrollbars are awesome for visually and easily changing a value, but there is one limitation - when you click the square in the middle and drag it, you can't automatically make it snap to the neares NN value! Until now! Check out how we resolve this with a...

Excel VBA UserForms #2

Excel VBA UserForms #2 Create a UserForm with 2 option buttons:  1 Sort by Employee ID or 2 Sort by Name. Part one, create the UserForm and give it buttons. First, bring up the VBA UserForm editor (F11), and add a new UserForm  using the...

Excel VBA Userform Basics #1

UserForm Basics #1 Here, you'll learn to make a UserForm, add a button, and make clicking on that button hide the UserForm! Make a UserForm: Press Alt-F11 to bring up Visual Basics menu Click the drop down menu in the upper left hand and select...

Getting the Last Row with Excel VBA

One of the most important things you'll learn in Excel VBA is grabbing the last row in your code. Here's how to do it. Let's say we need the bottom used cell in column A (column 1), we can copy/paste this code for the row number: [cc lang="vbscript" lines="-1"...

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