What if you could Completely Control Websites with Excel?…

  • Input Text & Run Searches
  • Scrape Web Data
  • Manipulate Web Elements
  • Image/Clipboard Manipulation
  • Fill Forms & Dynamically Wait
  • Options and Selection Controls
  • Hover & Click Actions
  • Change Value, Class or Any Attribute!
  • Navigate Pagination
  • Drag & Drop Programmatically
  • Dialog Boxes and Popups
  • Window Sizing and Positioning

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Your Full Course Curriculum

Complete Web Automation With Excel VBA

Introduction - Getting Started & Setup
  •  Introduction and Course Download Files
  • Getting & Installing Selenium
  •  Installation Troubleshooting (skip if you don’t need this!)
Selenium Basics
  • Opening a Web Page
  • Web Elements 101 – Type in Textbox and Click Search Button (ID,Name Selectors)
  • HTML Overview – Popular Tags and Attributes
  • Strategies – “Tag”
  • Awful-Valentine Site Expired, But We Downloaded It!
  • Strategies – “Class”
  • Exercise 02a – Question
  • Exercise 02a – Answer
  • Strategies – “LinkText”
  • Looking At Attributes – More Than Just TEXT!
  • Strategies – “PartialLinkText”
  • Strategies – “CSS Selectors” Intro
  • How to Install a Chrome Extension
  • CSS Selector Helper for Chrome
  • CSS Selector Tool – ChroPath and Technical Demonstration
  • BONUS – Set Value versus SendKeys To TextBox
  • BONUS – Create of Change Any Attribute Using Javascript
  • BONUS – New Change Attribute Custom Function and Huge Demo
  • Set Attributes With JavaScript Easily!
Advanced Find With XPath
  • Introduction to XPath
  • XPath Helper Tool
  • ChroPath with XPath for Relative and Absolute Reference Types
  • XPath Function – Contains()
  • XPath Function – Text()
  • XPath Function – AND, OR
  • XPath Function – Starts-With()
  • XPath – Axes
  • XPath Function – Last()
  • Selecting a Specific Index for XPath Query!
  • Exercise 03a – Question
  • Exercise 03a – Answer
  • More XPath Resources
  • Selenium VBA Code Snippets – Chapter 1-3
Working With Multiple Elements At Once
  • Working With a Group Of Elements (FindElements)
  • Looping Through a Set of Elements, Declaration Tips
  • Grab the Text For Each Element Into A List
  • Grabbing All Attribute Values into a List
  • Add, Remove or Change an Element from a List
  • Get Count of List Items or Web Elements
  • Remove Duplicates Elements from List
  • Sorting Your List
  • Importing Items to Excel Directly!
  • Looping Through a List of Attributes for a Set of Elements
  • Exercise 04a – Question
  • Exercise 04a – Answer
  • Finding Elements within an Element
Element Properties, Methods and Useful Information
  • Find the Active Element
  • Understanding the ‘By’ Object
  • Does The Element Exist Using ‘By’ Object
  • Does Element Exist Using WebElement Object (2 Ways!)
  • Value, Tagname, Text & Css Properties
  • Specialty Text Variations
  • Discover Whether Element is Displayed, Enabled, Present, Selected…
  • Pagination – Clicking Next Until You Reach the Last Page
  • Element Position and Size
  • Scrolling Element Into View
  • Regular Expression Patterns!
  • Return Text Based on Regular Expression (RegEx)
  • Automatically Download File to Custom Folders with SetPreference()
  • SetPreference Extra example!
Built In Comparison Operators
  • Assert vs Verify
  • Equals Comparison Operator
  • Not Equals
  • Contains
  • Custom Error Messages
  • Matches & NotMatches
  • Fail, False and True
  • Selenium VBA Code Snippets – Chapter 4-6
Mouse and Keyboard Actions
  • Click, Click and Hold, Release, Right Click & Double Click
  • SendKeys and Keys Modifiers
  • KeyDown, KeyUp
  • Exercise 07a – Question
  • Exercise 07a – Answer
  • DragAndDrop – Swapping Elements, Better with JavaScript
  • DragAndDrop – Element Disappears Once Dropped
  • DragAndDrop – Dragging Text Programmatically
  • DragAndDrop – Dragging File for Upload Programmatically
  • Hover MenuItem and Click On Submenu Item
  • Clear Out Text Entry Element
Timeouts and Waits
  • TimeOuts and Wait DEFAULTS
  • Basic Wait Command
  • Exercise 08a – Question
  • Exercise 08a – Answer
  • Finding Elements With a Custom TimeOut Duration
  • Wait Until Element is Displayed
  • Wait For Specific Text or a Specific Attribute to Appear!
  • Wait For CSS Special Value to Appear or Change
  • Wait for Text To Appear or Change
  • WaitNotElement and By.Any
  • WaitEnabled or Wait Until Element is Displayed
  • Wait For Selection With Checkboxes and OptionButtons
  • Selenium VBA Code Snippets – Chapter 7-8
Browser Window Control, Navigation and Focus
  • Alerts – Using Multi Options (OK and Cancel, OK Only & Text) with An Alert
  • SetCredentials Troubleshooting Tips and Authorization Dialog Popups
  • Custom Function Testing Whether Dialog Popup Is Present
  • Basic Navigation – Back, Forward, Reload, Close Driver, Close Single page, Url
  • Setting A Custom Profile For WebDriver Session
  • Add Special Arguments to Customize Browser Options – Incognito or Hidden Window
  • Special Arguments List
  • Using a Portable Version of Chrome – GoogleChromePortable
  • AddArguments Link and Examples
  • Grab Html Page Source and Text From Parent Elements
  • Exercise 09a – Question
  • Exercise 09a – Answer
  • Keep a Permanent WebDriver that Doesn’t Close On Its Own
  • Frames and Frame Nagivation
  • BONUS – Frame Finder Custom Function
  • BONUS – Switch To Nested Frame Custom Function
  • Window, Tab Manipulation by Title, Index, Previous and Next
  • Accessing Window By Name, Handle
  • Close All Tabs Except Main Tab
  • Several Ways To Open a New Tab In Current Session
  • Window Sizing and Position
  • Selenium VBA Code Snippets – Chapter 9
Image and Clipboard Manipulation
  • Save a Screenshot of Your Browser, Dispose Image in System Memory
  • Save Web Element as Image
  • Save Entire Desktop Screen as Image
  • Copy Image Directly to Excel OR To Clipboard
  • Image Dimensions and Resizing
  • Compare Two Images with CompareTo and DiffCount
  • Put Web Image Into Worksheet ActiveX Image Control
  • Load Image Into Userform Image
Working With Tables
  • Converting a Web Table to TableElement Object and Inserting into Worksheet
  • Manipulating TableElement Data as Array onto Worksheet
  • Loop Through Elements in Specific Column Only
  • Loop Through Multiple Specific Columns Using OR Operator
  • Put Specific Columns into List Object, To Excel Easily
  • Exercise 11a – Question
  • Exercise 11a – Answer
Selecting Options from Dropdowns and Listboxes
  • Declare SelectElement, Read and Write Dropdown Control
  • Select Using the Index Number
  • Select Using Internal Option Value
  • All About The Options Collection
  • Using The Mouse To Select Multiple Options
  • Deselecting All Options or Specific Options
  • Selenium VBA Code Snippets – Chapter 10-12
  • Exercise 12a – Question
  • Exercise 12a – Answer
BONUS - Extra Troubleshooting Tips
  • Error Loading Extension Help
  • Error Loading Extension Help – Source Code
Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the Course?

We currently have over 9.5 hours of progressive on-demand video that you can view anytime you want and from any device that can load a website..

I’m a beginner and I’ve never done programming, is this really for me?

YES! This Excel course is for anyone who wants to learn Automation secrets in Excel VBA for controlling websites. No prior programming knowledge is needed.

Do you have support for Excel for Mac?

Unfortulately, Apple computers don’t recognize EXE files or type libraries (.tlb) files, so they won’t be able to easily use the type library that Excel needs to run Selenium.

The Selenium type library is the thing that can connect your Excel file(s) to and communicate with and control all the different web browsers. We hope Macs will someday be able to use and play nice with Windows technology and vice versa, but it won’t currently work.

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Discover the Secrets of Excel Your Coworkers Don't Want You To Know and Your Boss Will Love You For...

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