Excel VBA & Microsoft Outlook Mastery and Automation

Create And Manipulate Outlook Emails, Attachments, Calendars, Tasks, and Contacts Automatically With Excel VBA

Online course

By Dan Strong, Owner @ ExcelVbaIsFun

Course length: ~12.5h


The world has well over a billion Microsoft Office users, and many of them are starting to realize that you can automate your work life with VBA. They use Excel for data analysis, report generation or keeping up with complicated list and calculations, and use Outlook to keep their schedule straight – with tasks, Emails, Meetings and Contacts..

One of the least published and least utilized strategies is using the best of both worlds – the flexibility, calculations, speed & data storage of Excel and the Email, Tasks, Calendar and Contacts of Outlook. This course marries those two technologies in a simple, progressive manner that Beginners can understand and Experts will return to over and over for reference.

You’ll learn to:

  • Utilize and manipulate Outlook’s organizational structure and folder system to

  • Create dynamic emails and auto-send, defer delivery, display or save emails as a draft

  • Loop through Excel and automatically generate custom-tailored emails with each row’s data

  • Get free burner emails for testing

  • Seamlessly control Multiple Outlook accounts

  • You’ll even learn to Spice up your messages using professional HTML email code, using Free HTML editors and where to find cool templates

  • We’ll guide you through multiple methods of Signature automation, including non-default signatures

  • You’ll also master looping through your emails with custom filters, including Advanced DASL queries (made simple!)

  • You’ll Personalize emails and attachments with Excel data or Auto-Open specific attachments and Grab Data into your workbook!

  • You’ll be able to convert Excel tables into HTML and embed them into your email body

In addition to Email mastery, we also show you how to:

  • Create, modify and rearrange Calendar items (like Appointments & Meetings) and schedule like a boss!

  • Instantly understand (and have fun with) Date/Time Math

  • Discover and prevent Schedule Conflicts the easy way

  • Create, assign, modify and streamline Task Items

  • Utilize outlook Contacts with your Excel program

  • We even take you through Building a Custom Userform where you’ll be able to Email or Edit any of YOUR contacts right from Excel!

  • You can easily implement these strategies in any of your Excel programs to further automate your workflow

  • Impress your boss! Go ahead, make your work take 5 minutes instead of 5 hours. (We won’t tell!)

Go ahead and Grab your copy of this Excel and Outlook VBA Mastery Course – TODAY!

From the Author, Dan Strong:

Some of the most common questions I get is “How can I automatically send emails based on Excel data?” or “How can I cycle through my emails and grab info from specific attachments?” So, I decided to create an intensive study course that shows you every aspect of Microsoft Outlook from the viewpoint of an Excel program – AKA showing you how to send out emails wayyyy beyond a simple mail merge or a ‘SendMail’ action. You’ll be able to take Outlook by the horns and implement a whole new set of tools to your toolbelt.

We’ll see you in the Forums!

Happy Coding

Dan Strong, ExcelVbaIsFun

Introduction video (1 min)

What you’ll learn

  • Automate Microsoft Outlook with simple Excel macros
  • Create and manipulate emails using MailItem methods
  • Understand Outlook Namespaces (folder system)
  • Display, Save drafts or Send Emails using automation!
  • Set up CC, BCC and Distribution Groups with ease
  • Loop through Excel and automatically generate custom-tailored emails with each row’s data
  • Get a quick Burner email for testing (Free)
  • Tell Outlook to send email Later (Deferred delivery)
  • Prevent Outlook warnings that Halt emails being sent
  • Seamlessly control Multiple Outlook accounts
  • Spice up messages using HTML dynamically
  • Learn most effective free HTML editors
  • Utilize large HTML files with custom data (like a mail merge)
  • Using signature the right way – including non-default signatures
  • Breeze through emails in Outlook Folders
  • Find specific items with Find method
  • Filtering Multiple results using Restrict method
  • Finding an item by its Unique Entry IDentifier
  • Take control of Advanced Filtering using DASL queries
  • Personalize emails and attachments with Excel data
  • Save time with an Outlook Template file
  • Click any cell to auto send that person an email!
  • Validate email addresses with Custom Function
  • Place an Excel Range/Table into email body (2 methods)
  • Attach pc files, single sheet, multiple sheets or even entire current workbook!
  • Save worksheet as PDF & Attach to email!
  • Generate Random filenames for attachments
  • Move or Copy items within Outlook (or on your pc)
  • Open & Gather Data from email attachments and Build Reports
  • Master Calendar items (Appointments & Meetings) and schedule like a boss!
  • Instantly understand (and have fun with) Date/Time Math
  • Discover Schedule Conflicts the easy way
  • Create, assign, modify and streamline Task Items
  • Search for Contacts using ‘FullName’ shortcut or with Loops
  • Scan Contacts lists & put specific ones into Excel
  • Build a Custom Userform that can Email or Edit the selected contact!


  • Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook 2003 and up (the newer the better, obviously, but these will work)
  • If you have some familiarity with Excel VBA, it is a plus, but if you follow along, I break every step down so anyone can conquer this subject!
  • According to Microsoft, Office for Mac is sandboxed, which restricts the apps from accessing resources access or communication across processes or outside the app container. This course specifically covers the Windows Excel and Outlook VBA Methodologies and doesn’t cover Mac specific issues.

Who this course is for:

  • This Excel course is for anyone who wants to learn Automation secrets in Excel VBA for creating, managing and updating Emails, Calendar Items, Tasks, and Contacts in Outlook. It’s for complete newbies and/or students looking for a refresher or Reference tool, to pick and choose relevant lessons for their projects. No prior programming knowledge is needed, but some Excel VBA familiarity never hurts!
  • This course doesn’t cover CDO emails because it’s specifically for Outlook and all it’s various amazing features. We’ll cover CDO in another course for a more focused look.
  • If you’re using Excel or Outlook for Mac, you will find that this course won’t cover all the various Mac nuances, as this course was filmed using a PC. Many students end up programming in windows and just using Mac to run the Excel wb or will virtualize Windows within Mac using programs like Parallels or Bootcamp.

Don’t just take our word for it…

scott keenan review

Scott K.

Corporate Treasurer & Financial Systems Manager @ Real Matters


Wow, I thought I knew a little bit about Excel but clearly I had only seen the tip of the iceberg. This course has opened my eyes to the true power of VBA within excel. Great course, fantastic instructor.

Robert B.

National Sales Analyst @ Smurfit Kappa


I’ve taken several different VBA courses … and this one from Daniel is by far the most interesting and easy to understand. I’ve done exactly 107 lectures so far and already was able to automate 80% of my tasks at work that I’ve been doing manually for years… I’m angry with myself because of the time I wasted by not buying this course earlier. I can’t even imagine what I will be able to do after finishing the entire course 🙂

Alex B.

Corporate Financial Reporting Analyst @ Group Indigo


By far, one of the best step by step guides to VBA programming I have ever seen. I have been playing around with VBA for over a year now, have watched countless videos and have read numerous articles and “How-to” guides, but I have never seen something this complete, this thorough. I am amazed at how little I actually knew about the VBA world. Thanks a million!

Skills you should have before taking this course…

  • You should already have Microsoft Excel (version 2003 and up) installed. Obviously the newer the better, but VBA works the same in all versions. It’s just that newer versions have more options, thus more VBA Commands to control those options.
  • If you can open Excel and click around, you’re ready. You really don’t need any Excel experience, because I’ll take you from Start to Finish in this course.

This course was designed to be useful for All Levels (Beginner to Advanced) and can be used as a Reference after the fact. It was created as a progressive, step-by-step guide to showing you how easy it is to develop macros from scratch – and you’ll be doing just that in a few minutes.


Dan Strong

Dan Strong is a renowned software instructor and efficiency solutions specialist and the Founder at ExcelVbaIsFun and Strong Software Solutions where he teaches report generation, data analysis, automation and numerous other I.T. skills. He posesses an exceptional ability to simplify complex topics and engages learners with an infectious passion for automation and technology.

Author of multiple international best-selling courses with over 125K students from 192 countries. He regularly publishes free training to 90K+ YouTube followers and at excelvbaisfun.com.

Your full course curriculum


  • Introduction and Course Download Files
  • The Outlook Application Object
  • CreateItem Method and Item Types
  • BONUS – Troubleshooting Horribly Slow Code
  • Creating A New Email With CreateItem Method
  • Early vs Late Binding
  • Early vs Late Binding – Really Good Article
  • Set Up Your Own Constants To Soften Late Binding Blow
  • Our First Batch of Constants (For Your Convenience)
  • Conditional Constants To Streamline Declarations
  • Outlook Namespaces and How To Access Them
Sending An Email!
  • Creating A New Email Using GetDefaultFolder() [Late Binding]
  • olDefaultFolders enumeration List
  • Adding Recipients (Method 1)
  • Adding CC, BCC and Using With-End With (Method 1)
  • Set Importance, Read Receipt and Delivery Receipt Statuses
  • Add Subject & Body and Popup for Review!
  • Save Email as Draft Instead of Sending Right Away…
  • Tell Outlook To Send Email Later (Deferred Delivery)
  • Create a Quick Burner Email For Testing
  • Sending Our First Email Automatically
  • Stop Outlook Warnings That Halt Emails Being Sent
  • Send Using Alternate Sender Name
  • Better Method To Send With Alternate Account (Non-Primary Account)
Fun Email Tricks
  • Sending HTML Email And Easy Customization
  • Customize HTML With Outlook Trick
  • Free HTML Editor To Make Cool Looking Email Elements
  • Dealing With Large HTML Body
  • Dealing With Large HTML (Method 2 TXT File)
  • Adding A Simple Signature to Email
  • Adding The Default Signature to Email
  • Using A Different Signature
  • Accessing Outlook Folders by Name
  • Looping Through Items (Emails) In A Folder
  • Finding Specific Item With Find Method
  • Filtering Multiple Results Using Restrict Method
  • Does Outlook Folder Exist and Adding New Folders
  • Finding An Item By It’s Unique Entry Identifier
  • Setting Default Inbox Folder For Loops
  • Search Emails Dynamically For Past Week or Last 30 Days
  • Advanced Filtering Using DASL Queries – Pt 1
  • Advanced Filtering Using DASL Queries – Pt 2 – Special Operators
  • Testing It Out And Determining If Instant Search Is Enabled
  • Easy Way To Instantly Discover DASL Syntax For Complicated Queries
  • DASL Reference Materials
Attachments & Personalized Emails With Excel Data
  • Open An Email Template File
  • Intro To Customizing with Auto Find and Replace
  • Sending A Custom Email to A Specific Row On Worksheet
  • Creating A Clickable ‘Send Email’ Column
  • Looping Through Excel Data With Customized Emails Pt 1 (Name Filter)
  • Looping Through Excel Data With Customized Emails Pt 2 (Date Filter)
  • Getting User Input and Assigning Buttons!
  • Custom Function To Validate Email Addresses
  • Converting A Range To HTML and Placing In Email
  • Embedding A Range In Email Body Via Copy-Paste
  • Adding A Simple Attachment From File Path
  • Embedding An Image In Email Body
  • Custom Function For Random File Name
  • Attaching Worksheet To Email As PDF
  • Attaching A Single Sheet To Email
  • Attaching Entire Workbook To Email
  • Save Email Attachments To Specific Folder If It Doesn’t Already Exist
  • Open Email Attachments And Gather Info Into Current Workbook!
Calendar Manipulation & Appointments
  • Calendar Items, Appointments and Meetings
  • Adding A New Appointment
  • Adding A New Meeting With Multiple Attendees (Recipients Method 2)
  • Duration Versus End Time!
  • DateAdd Function: Fun With Dates!
  • Determining Schedule Conflicts With Simple Math
  • Check If Proposed New Entry Has Schedule Conflicts with Restrict
  • Custom Reminders, Sound Files, Minutes Before Start, etc
  • Change Meetings With Bob To Red
Outlook Tasks
  • A Brief Overview of Outlook Tasks
  • Create A New Task
  • Assigning A Task To Someone
  • Looping Through Existing Tasks
  • Sending A Status Report For A TaskItem
  • Calculate Overdue Tasks; Auto-Email or Mark Complete Based on Task Ownership
Outlook Contacts
  • Create A New Contact
  • Other Contact Fields of Interest
  • Quickly Set Contact Object Using FullName
  • Check If Worksheet Contact Exists Before Adding
  • Iterate Through Contacts and Put Them In Excel Sheet!
  • Fill Userform ListBox With Outlook Contacts
  • Edit Contact Selection From Userform ListBox
  • Send Email To Selected Userform ListBox Contact!
Other Outlook Tricks
  • Accessing Important Hidden Collections & Putting Into ComboBoxes
  • Automatically Find Buried Folder Recursively – Custom Function

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What REAL Students Are Saying…

… The best part of it is that Dan is extremely interactive with everyone that takes the course. If you have questions he gets back to you immediately and he’s always willing to help you… I reached out to him about help with a project I’m doing at work and he’s gone above and beyond to make sure that my project got done and all my questions got answered. I would definitely highly recommend the course, it’s really great – especially if you’re a beginner programmer. I took the course without knowing anything about programming and I just wanted to improve my Excel skills for the project that I was working on and to improve the over all spreadsheet itself. It’s a great course and I highly recommended. Dan is a great instructor for it.

Devon Kennedy

Lead Project Manager Reactor Modifications , GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy International, LLC

I admit I was a little bit skeptical at first that there could be a course on a high-level topic like this that would be both accessible to newbies and could really engage with more experienced Excel users without really pulling them through a slog. I feel like I fell right in the middle of those two categories. 

I really love the course! I still have a few more lectures and sections to go but I’m still working through them. It’s really really intuitive, it’s really easy and dare I say even fun to watch sometimes. Again – can’t overstate how helpful it’s been and I really looking forward to whatever you do next so keep up the good work.

Ben Jacobs

Category Specialist, Walmart eCommerce

Your full course curriculum


Course Content

Sending An Email!
Fun Email Tricks
Attachments & Personalized Emails With Excel Data
Calendar Manipulation & Appointments
Outlook Tasks
Outlook Contacts
Other Outlook Tricks


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Discover the Secrets of Excel Your Coworkers Don't Want You To Know and Your Boss Will Love You For...

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